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It is a tool designed for grabbing, manipulating and sharing screenshots
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Screenshot Captor is one of the most powerful screenshot taking utilities provided for free that one can find. It also allows sharing, annotating and editing the captured images in many ways.
It offers all the basic features that are typical of screenshot taking applications, such as support for using hotkeys and the possibility to select among different capture modes: full screen, active window, specific region, etc. It can save the taken images to common file formats such as PNG, JPEG and BMP.

Using it is simple and easy. Its interface is self-explanatory and straightforward, making this tool suitable for beginners as well. It also comes with a handy “quick bar” that makes taking screenshots easy and fast, especially when using hotkeys is not possible.

Anyway, I haven’t yet mentioned what I think to be the best thing about this application: it has incredibly comprehensive and powerful image editing capabilities. Though it’s mainly a screenshot capturing tool, it offers more complex and advanced picture modification and manipulation possibilities than complex applications created for picture modifying. It would take many pages to describe the program's image editing functions in a thorough manner.

In my opinion, the important fact is that Screenshot Captor is truly powerful and feature-rich, offering everything it takes to help you perform the image capturing, annotating, editing and uploading process. Last but not least, it is also free. I can only highly-recommend this tool as it is, without doubt, one of the best free screen capture tools that one can find.

Margie Smeer
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  • You can customize the hotkeys
  • Easy-to-use
  • A lot of advanced editing functions and tools
  • Free


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